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Analysis and plan before creating websites

Before the actual implementation of the website, it is advisable to think carefully about the purpose and goals of the website and the target audience. All of the above should be taken into account both in terms of content and visual work. The analysis and plan before the creation of websites allows us to prepare together a good website structure that will include all important information, it will be friendly

Company description and competition


Briefly write down the main activity of the company / association / individual.

  • What do you do for a living? What do you offer?
  • What are you most proud of? What would you highlight in your offer?
  • What is your added value? (what competing companies don't have)?


If it makes sense, list some of the main competing companies that are in the same business as you (this is mainly an overview of the keywords used by competing companies).


Do you perhaps like some of the websites of competing companies / other companies visually?

Purpose of web pages


Briefly write down the main purpose of your website. The clues below may help. Choose the most important.

  • Providing basic information about the company (contact information, working hours, location).
  • Provision of extensive information / marketing services (contact information, opening hours, location, offer, services, gallery, customer reviews, etc.).
  • Providing useful information to website visitors (tips, instructions, tricks, information on a specific topic or for a specific target audience).
  • Providing entertaining information to website visitors (eg online newspaper, gossip, sports, movies, art, entertainment videos, etc.).
  • Selling products (online shop).
  • Blog (publishing articles on a specific topic or for a specific target audience).
  • Featured product or service (landing page for the purpose of marketing a specific product, "landing page").
  • Web portal (an extensive website with a lot of content on a specific topic or for a specific target audience).


If you want, write down additional purposes for your website.

The goal of web pages

Write down what the goal of your website is. The clues below may help.

  • Increase in sales (page optimization, well-organized content, user-friendly website, effective calls to actions, increase conversion rate).
  • Become a reliable source of information (providing quality content on your website, regularly adding new information, building trust, marketing your website on other websites and social media).
  • Improving interaction with existing and potential customers (e-news, live chat, customer support, frequently asked questions and answers, publication of news and important information about the company, webinars and content that gives the visitor a reason to return to the site).
  • Brand building (brand promotion, brand reputation enforcement).
  • Obtaining user email addresses (by signing up for e-newsletters, downloading free booklets, calls to action).

Target audience of websites

Briefly write down who you are addressing with your website. The clues below may help.

  • Who are your users? (gender, age range, families, single people, retirees, athletes, people with certain interests, business people)?
  • Where are your users from? (local area, all of Slovenia, abroad)?
  • How they will use the website and what users need from the website (what do you think the average user expects from your website)?
  • What do you want users to be able to do on your website (get contact information, get information about a certain topic, see your offer, view an image gallery, provide your email address, buy a product, book a service, send an inquiry, get directions to your location, etc.)?