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Website design

Izdelava spletnih strani


You should look at your website as something that is constantly evolving.

In the digital world, changes are very fast. Website trends are also constantly changing. A company that wants to achieve the desired purpose with its websites follows such trends all the time.

It is often possible to achieve a much different effect with just a few minor changes on modern websites. Sometimes, however, the desired effect requires a complete redesign of websites. We will suggest what is best for you.


Regular Internet users accessed the Internet in various ways, most often via a smartphone, in 95%. 16-24-year-olds accessed the Internet via this device in 98%, and 65-74-year-olds in 79%. (, 2021)

Every day, more and more people access the web through various mobile devices. Are your websites responsive for tablet or mobile viewing?

All our websites are responsive, so that the user always has a good user experience with your websites, regardless of the way of accessing the web.


Creating a website includes registering a domain, hosting on a server, purchasing a WordPress template, creating a website structure according to a previously created design or by agreement, entering content and images, implementing additional plugins (contact forms, reservation systems, mailing, multilingualism, etc.) .) and basic SEO optimization, 2 hours of initial training on entering content at the client's location or via the TeamViewer application. The first year of hosting on our server is free for all new customers.

We also take care of compliance with GDPR, SSL certificate, security modules for the security of websites against abuse, caching of websites for faster loading, which is important for a good user experience and for SEO optimization, and automatic backup of websites on the server. We will advise you on the composition of the texts for your websites so that your target users can find you as quickly as possible. If desired, we can connect your online store to Google Analytics, which allows insight into all important attendance statistics and visitor data.

How about maintenance

Due to the GDPR regulation, we as data processors must ensure the security of websites, which requires regular updating and upgrading of the CMS and all plugins, control over the smooth operation of the server and the smooth operation of the websites, and safe and responsible handling of all data obtained through the websites. That's why we bill all customers for regular website maintenance according to the valid price list. 

How do I get your offer?

Present your website vision to us. What do you want to achieve, who are you addressing? Would you like any special tools to better convey the necessary information to the user? Tell us which websites you like and we can help you with the layout and design. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, which is currently the best and most used platform.


Each website is unique, both in terms of appearance and content. To prepare the estimate, we need the final structure of the website (number of subpages), the number of language versions, the range of additional elements (contact forms, mailing system, reservation system, etc.) from your side. Of course, we are always available for a meeting where we can find the best solution for your needs together.