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Why is WordPress the most popular platform


WordPress is very easy to use, which means that it can be used by both beginners and experienced users. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing for quick content creation.

Free and open source

WordPress is free and open source, which means that anyone can access the code and customize it to their needs. This allows the website to be customized exactly the way you want it to be.


WordPress offers a huge variety of themes and plugins that allow you to customize the look and functionality of websites, whether it's a blog, an online store, or any other type of website. This makes it possible to create a unique website that perfectly adapts to your needs.


WordPress has an extensive community of users and developers, which means there is plenty of documentation, forums, and blogs to help build and maintain a website. The community also regularly publishes updates and fixes for the system, which means that WordPress is always up to date.

Search engine friendly

WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly, meaning that a website is built to be indexed quickly and easily by search engines like Google. This helps in achieving better visibility and more traffic on the website.


WordPress is a very secure web hosting platform. The community regularly releases security updates and developers provide security plugins that can protect the website from hacks and other threats.

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