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Spletna stran Plesnega studia Novo mesto

Website renovations (before/after)

The appearance of a website is definitely crucial in making a good first impression. All too often, potential customers or customers leave a website prematurely due to an outdated look, inefficiency, missing and poorly laid out information, or unfriendliness to the user. Responsiveness of the website (adaptability to different devices) certainly plays a very important role here.

While some websites only need minimal corrections for better performance and appearance, others require a complete overhaul. New platform, new structure, new texts and photos. Although the financial investment is greater, the final effect is always incomparably better.


Renovation of the website of Kmetija Mali raj

Stara spletna stran PSNM Prenovljena spletna stran PSNM

Renovation of the website Dancing studio Novo mesto